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India to send man to moon in eight years

14 May, 2007

If everything goes as planned, the first Indian will touch the Moon soil in eight years, thus making a significant achievement in the history of Indian space exploration. This was announced by Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, as announced to the Lok Sabha.

It is learnt that the Indian government has not sanctioned the project, though it is understood that the prestigious project is under preparation. Though its not clear whether it will be a manned mission to moon or space, the former is believed to have much support.

The project of sending a man to moon is estimated to be worth Rs 9,500 crore.

Indian is also planning to send 12 communication satellites during the 11th Plan period to provide replacements and additional capacity.

At the moment, 199 transponders are providing services to Indian communication satellites and plans are on to increase this number to 500.





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