iHome launches iA100 speaker dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 21:14 by Tech Correspondent

iHome has released its latest iA100 speaker dock for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The iA100 offers FM radio and comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with application enhancement features like iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio. The iHome+Sleep feature tracks your sleep cycles and iHome+Radio is helpful to stream radio. In addition, the iA100 comes with studio Bongiovi Acoustics DPS for better sound quality.

An interesting feature is that the iHome iA100, using apps,  can be converted into a wireless multitasking tool with features like a stand-alone speaker phone with echo cancellation.

In addition, the iA100 dock comes with a rubber insert, so that it fits into the dock even if you use accessory cases. The iA100 also has in-built alarm functionality. The iA100 automatically syncs alarm settings from the dock to the docked iPad. The dock syncs the iPad clock with its in-built clock. Read more about the top iPod/ iPhone docks in US

ihome ia100 ipad dock photoMoreover, the iA100 offers four speakers. Its recharge feature allows users to play their iPods, while they are being recharged.

Evan Stein, Vice President of marketing, iHome said, “The features and functionality of the iA100 really raise the standard on what docking stations can do. The ability to connect wirelessly and communicate with our iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio apps -opens the door to new ways for consumers to maximise the use and fun of their favorite portable electronic devices.” Related: iPhone 5 rumors

Though a late comer, the iA00 is priced decently for $199 at retail outlets throughout North America. It is available on iHomeaudio.com. However, it is not the first of its kind product. There have been many similar products from other speaker companies launched, which can dock an iPad, iPhone or iPod. But for those, who haven’t bought a speaker dock yet, the iA100 seems to be a good choice.

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