HP Palm showcases WebOS tablet in teaser video

Thursday, February 3, 2011, 14:52 by Tech Correspondent

We reported last month that HP will unveil its first Palm WebOS tablet on Feb. 9 in San Francisco.

Now, 5 days before the event, HP Palm has created a buzz across the Web by putting up a video of the upcoming WebOS tablet on the Internet. In the incredibly short 7-second teaser video, HP Palm has given the sneak peek of the silhouette of a tablet-like device. Read our previous story on HP Palm WebOS tablet event invite

What we can make out from the highly shadowed video is that the HP Palm tablet (if that’s what this is) would have a curvy design, charging connector and a camera at the rear.

However, we can also see some elegant switches on the sides, which seem to indicate that this device might be a HP Palm smartphone rather than a tablet. For one, the switch on the curved corner seems like a power button. Check out the video, DWS reader, and tell us what you think of this device.

We also noticed that HP Palm has tweaked its event invite copy and added “Think ahead.” to the previous “Think big. Think small. Think beyond.” This-the addition of a fourth tagline to the invite-has also led to speculation that HP Palm may be showcasing one more product at the Feb. 9 event than previously thought.

Our readers may recall our recent story about HP Palm rumors that the WebOS tablets would be called Opal and Topaz. At the time, tech blog Engadget had reported that the 7-inch Palm tablet is likely to be called Opal (Think Small) and will be a little shorter and wider than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab; while the 10-inch tablet called Topaz (Think Big) would be about the same size as the Apple iPad. Think Beyond is thought to be for a cloud computing-based smartphone.

Not long after, specs of HP Topaz WebOS tablet leaked on the Web. It is said that the Topaz will run on a Qualcomm MSM8660 processor clocked at 1.2GHz with an integrated Adreno 220 graphics processing unit. Topaz is also expected to come with wireless charging facility developed by Palm, called Touchstone.

Executive video president of HP, Todd Bradley, has told CNBC that Palm’s new WebOS will affect a “breadth of products”. HP is likely working on smartphones and large screen PC-like devices running WebOS as well. WebOS allows multitasking, and according to Bradley, it is the only “true multitasking operating system.”

WebOS has sure got us excited, and we are also counting down to the Feb. 9 event along with HP Palm.

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