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HP iPAQ Glisten, the latest 3G phone from HP is ready for sale. The HP iPAQ Glisten will be sold in the US at a price of $230 with a 2-year contract from AT&T. HP did not say whether the phone will be launched in Europe and Asia.

HP iPaq Glisten photo

HP iPaq Glisten photo

The price seems to be reasonable for a phone like this. The HP iPAQ Glisten is a world phone, which means you can use it in CDMA and GSM networks. AT&T has a GSM network in the US, while rival Verizon Wireless has a CDMA network. The HP iPAQ Glisten smartphone will work in both, as well in other countries while on roaming.

Since HP iPAQ Glisten is a world phone, it can be technically used in India in any network. But the phone will be operator-locked in the US, and cannot be used with any other operator – neither in India or elsewhere – until the contract period. AT&T did not say whether it will retail unlocked versions of the HP iPAQ Glisten. If you can lay your hands on an unlocked HP iPAQ Glisten, you will be able to use it in India in GSM and CDMA networks. Also, there is no information so far on the price of an unlocked iPaq Glisten.

At first glance, the HP iPAQ Glisten looks like a smartphone from the BlackBerry 8800 series, with a similar curvature for the keypad and a trackpad which looks like a trackball. The notable difference is the five-way directional trackpad, flanked by buttons for call, hang-up, OK and a windows button. There is no Glisten branding, and all you see on the back of the phone is a large HP logo. Of course, there is a decent 3 megapixel camera but sadly, no flash.

HP Ipaq Glisten is...

HP Ipaq Glisten is...

ipaq-glisten-3gThe HP iPAQ Glisten has a physical QWERTY keyboard, besides its AMOLED touch screen. This is the first AMOLED screen to be sold by AT&T. AMOLED, which stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode is the latest in display technologies, and there are very few phones available which use bright and clear AMOLED displays. AMOLED screen consume less power, which means your battery will last longer.

On the left, you can see a photo of the iPaq Glisten from the side – it looks thick, but not too brick-like from the pic.

The 2.5-inch AMOLED screen is touch-sensitive as well, though its small size means that it won’t be as user-friendly as the full size touchscreens of a Droid or an iPhone. The HP iPAQ Glisten looks more business-like, and is targeted at the business user too.

Said Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets: “iPAQ Glisten adds to our innovative Windows Phone portfolio. It meets the demands of our business customers while boasting a beautiful AMOLED touch screen and a full package of multimedia features.”

The HP iPAQ Glisten runs on Windows Mobile 6.5, the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft Windows. The HP iPAQ Glisten supports Flash, and you can read Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF files on this tiny machine. It also has an “integrated inbox” which aggregates text messages, emails and call records into one folder.

As you can see in the HP iPaq Glisten keyboard photo below, the QWERTY keyboard looks well-made, and very Blackberryish. Heavy typers should not face any problem here.


The HP iPAQ Glisten works on GSM 850/1900MHz, UMTS 850/1900 (North America), GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz (Latin America) and GSM 900/1800MHz, UMTS 850/2100MHz (Europe/APAC). Data transmission is across GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA. The HP iPAQ Glisten is a full-fledged 3G phone, the first such model from HP iPAQ.

The HP iPAQ Glisten also has Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, which means location based services and mapping will not be a problem.

The HP iPAQ Glisten also responds to voice commands, and can read out your text messages and emails. The phone is pre-installed with a Facebook app, like most other smartphones now. The phone is compatible with Windows Marketplace, where you can download apps made for Windows Mobile 6.5. There’s a new start menu and the new Internet Explorer can display feature-rich pages, HP and AT&T said in a press release.

However, HP and AT&T had a nasty surprise for mobile enthusiasts eager to find the tech specs, features and photos of the HP iPAQ Glisten. The link on the AT&T press release pointed to a microsite for the HP iPAQ Glisten which did not exist.

Said Susan Macke, vice president, Marketing, Handheld Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP: “The iPAQ Glisten packs a powerful punch with its multiple input methods, variety of connectivity options, and a familiar, consistent email experience that allows mobile professionals to connect with the people and information that matter most to them. Our strategy for success in growing the iPAQ business and customer base is working with industry leaders, like AT&T and Microsoft, and leveraging our collective strengths in the business and prosumer markets.”

HP iPAQ Glisten 3G smartphone specifications

Band GSM
Size 112.8mm x 62.8mm x 13.4mm (4.4in x 2.4in x 0.5in)
Weight 132g (4.7oz)
Battery 1590mAh
Main Display 2.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen
Messaging SMS/MMS
Email Yes (IMAP/POP/Exchange)
Bluetooth Yes, 2.0+EDR
Memory 512MB storage, 256MB RAM, microSD memory card slot
Other GPS, speakerphone, Voice Commander
Availability Q4, 2009
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