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Hanuman mobile game to be launched

8 December, 2007

Hanuman is back now as a game, courtesy Jump Games. The famed online mobile phone games developer has announced entering into a joint venture with Percept Picture Company (PPC).

The deal with the company that is producing the animated feature Hanuman Returns is to introduce a succession of mobile games based on it. What’s more, the two companies have also lured Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live versions of the game, which would be compatible with most mobile phones.

According to reports, the company has signed a two-year private universal agreement with Percept Picture Company to develop and distribute mobile game titles based on the film Hanuman Returns. The first game of the series will also be called Hanuman Returns and is likely to hit mobiles by December 2008. The plot of Hanuman Returns is that Haarket with Hanuman arrives in a human avatar on earth with the blessings of Lord Brahma. The animation is being done by Kerala’s global major in animation Toonz Animation India.

The Hanuman games are seen by the industry as taking the mythical super hero to a new level by celebrating Hanuman. The games are expected to have to great commercial scope as they are based on a larger-than-life character. According to Jump officials, Hanuman Returns is a virtuoso game that is bound to appeal to audiences globally. The game aims to recreate the experience of the animated film Hanuman Returns on to the mobile platform. The company is mulling over kick starting a contest around the mobile game Hanuman Returns as a part of the promotional activity for the game.

It has been reported extensively that the producers are also ready to hit the merchandise in a bid to lure more audiences.




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