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Google rolls out custom search engine Business edition

16 July, 2007

Google, the search engine major, is coming out with a new custom search engine for businesses. The main difference between the new search and the regular search will be that the business search engine will not feature any advertisements. Instead of ads, it will have APIs to allow enhancements such as adding a "buy-it-now" button for e-commerce sites.

Google is planning to roll out this service exclusively to its business customers.

Custom Search Engine Business Edition offers some more features exclusively for business users. One such feature is that the creator or administrator can limit queries to a certain set of documents, such as those on one (or more) web sites. This service can cost businesses anywhere between USD 100 per year to USD 15000 per year.

Google's Custom Search Engine Business Edition also comes with an XML application programming interface (API) for customizing search result presentation, technical support, and the ability to display search results under the company's own logo rather than Google's familiar red, yellow, blue, and green.

Google specifically wants to focus on those businesses that do not want to invest in the $30,000+ Google Search Appliance, which indexes both public and protected internal documents, but which also want to have the Google search engine on their websites. Nitin Mangtani, lead product manager for Google's Enterprise Search group, said, "Customers spend an enormous amount of time and money building their Web sites. What most of these sites are lacking is search."

Google Custom Search Engine Business Edition has the unique advantage of not requiring any hardware or setup. All the customers need to do is to go to the website, setup the search engine and generate four lines of HTML code and then drop it on the user webpage. The technological barrier to set up a search engine is dramatically reduced by this offering from Google.





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