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Google to launch search for mobile content

16 July, 2007

Google plans to introduce a new search service for cellphones. Several internet reports said that the new search on mobiles will help users to buy ringtones, games, and other mobile content. This move by Google can be seen as how aggressively the internet company is pushing its way hard to the wireless market.

Google already has a service which allows customers to search the web using its popular search engine. But now, Google wants to do not just the web search, but also plans to become a gateway for finding and buying more mobile content.

The new service will work somewhat like this. If a user want to download a specific ringtone by a music band, once you search the keyword, the search engine will display a list of providers as well as links enabling them to easily purchase the material. Eventually, Google would charge companies for high placement in the search results.

Google has been working towards this aim for several months. The company has been communicating with several service providers and mobile-media aggregators to include their material to make it available for search. There are no reports when this new product from Google will be rolled out soon.

This move by Google to offer mobile content through its search could prove to be a threat for the large telecommunication companies, especially if Google adopts to have the payment system through eBay Inc.'s PayPal or its own online Checkout service. There is a string argument that the mobile content market is very small, but none would argue that it is growing fast.

One thing that would be advantageous to Google is that the competitors it will have to face are rather small companies like Medio Systems Inc. and JumpTap Inc. The revenues from these would only be those coming from the ads. Though this revenue is small, Google hopes that it will grow steadily down the line.





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