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Google to ban essay writing ads

29 May, 2007

Google, the world's most popular search engine, will ban advertisements for essay writing services on its websites, following complaints from universities. Universities had complained many times that students often sell their customized essays on the internet, which threatens the integrity of university degrees.

The move by Google to ban ads of essay writing services have been warmly welcomed by the universities.

While the move has made the universities happy, the same is not the case with the businesses that sell essays and dissertations. They too are complaining that the move by Google is unfair and that Google is punishing the legitimate businesses without a proper reason.

From next month onwards, Google will not publish ads of companies which offer essays and dissertations, and the company has already written to advertisers about the implementation of the new policy.

The new policy by Google to ban essay writing services ads means that any such ad will automatically categorized as an "unaccepted one", which includes ads for weapons, prostitution, drugs, and tobacco.

But essay writing firms like Essaywriter.co.uk, which receives 80% of its revenues through Google.com have started crying foul over the new policy by Google.




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