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Free hospital management system for Indian healthcare

Basic hospital management solution for free from Zudha



(PRWEB) January 26, 2005 -- Saukhya-Must is the basic version in a series of solutions for hospital information management developed by Zudha for Indian and other emerging markets using modern technologies that make these solutions flexible, extensible and sustainable in the near future insulating them from technological uncertainties. The company found it a basic necessity for the health centers in the private domain in India to know the benefits of Information Technology in improving patient care and efficient monitoring of day-to-day activities in clinics and hospitals.

Saukhya-Must is made available on Windows, Linux and other UNIX platforms too, thanks to the flexibility offered by its development platform. The software solution incorporates all necessary activities that involve patient registration, general case history, doctor scheduling, IP and OP admission, ward allocation, discharge summary, charges, billing and basic reports. The dependent database is MySQL which is an open source free license software. The users can access the server software through Web Browser and therefore the solution can be termed as web-accessible. The solution was developed from ground up using Java when most available free software in the OpenSource, GPL category were not found easily suitable to Indian conditions.

According to Zudha, Saukhya-Must is valued high in market terms for each installation and the company has boldly made it available under free-for-use terms with the sole intention of encouraging Indian Healthcare industry especially in sub-urban regions to adopt Information Technology which would enable them position themselves at par with their counterparts elsewhere. Zudha strongly believes that this initiative will further enhance the capabilities of the healthcare service providers in India to improve domestic patient care while also attracting health tourists to India due to the sophistication visible post the technology adoption.

Zudha has targeted to distribute around 10000 CDs over a period of time through out India and expects the software to be installed by local computer vendors in almost every locality in India who receive the CD and get to know the features and method of installation and configuration. The computer vendors are allowed to charge a nominal service fee to their customers who seek their assistance to install and train with the software usage.

The company will gradually increase the distribution of CDs of this free software month-over-month and region wise to ensure smooth and effective distribution which is crucial for the success of this ambitious IT enabling initiative of Indian Healthcare that is code-named Mission Saukhya. The company is in talks with various sponsors to leverage their own branding by contributing space for their advertisements in the software and printing materials such as bills and reports printed by users of the software.

Asked why Zudha is keen to spend time and effort on a free Software initiative, the reply is very straight and simple; to increase IT adoption at the bottom of the pyramid where the masses are concentrated which in turn would be an opportunity to serve the same customers on their additional needs in the future for which they would be willing to pay for. While the company currently serves the high end customers who are paying for its profitability, it has come forward to contribute its share to India through a free software in the larger interest of the healthcare providers.

The healthcare service providers, system administrators and computer resellers in India are informed through this release to utilize this first step of "Mission Saukhya" to their advantange by sending requests for CDs to mission[at] with subject line "Saukhya-Must" along with the address details where the CD to be shipped. A dedicated website for information, documentation, updates and support may be made available once the initiative gains further impetus.

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