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Ads fund free cell phone service in Philippines

Watch ads on your cell phone, get free cell phone service!

28 May 2008

With telecom war is catching up in major markets, companies are exploring innovative ways to retain customers and increase revenue. Some companies in Asian markets have even give shape for strategies to pay customers for advertisements they receive on their mobiles. A Philippine mobile service provider has plans to offer free service to subscribers who agree to receive advertisements on their cell phones. Subscribers will get $2 worth of prepaid service every month. Philippines Company Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise Inc., a subsidiary of Smart Communications Inc will soon introduce a new scheme to offer payments for customers who receive ads on their mobiles. According to Ardie Balderama, marketing officer for Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise Inc., each time they view an ad on their phones they'll earn extra service and other rewards. ''It will be like earning money by watching commercials,'' he said.

However ad-funded content is becoming big bang in the market. According to anlaysts this sector will continue its rapid growth all over the world. Subscribers are realising more and more that content can be obtained by a charge from ad-served WAP and Web sites., Companies are also willing to pay for quality content, like brands, music, Java games, adult content and the like to display on consumers mobile. Another benefit of ad-funded content is that companies are not geographically limited and can service the world with the same product. The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) has been envisioning that solid ad-funded business models could rejuvenate a stalling mobile entertainment industry since 2006, when 80% of executives felt that their focus should shift more towards ad-funded mobile entertainment.

There are currently approximately three billion active mobile users in the world. If one keeps the ultimate goal of having the mobile phone as the primary method of delivering news, information and entertainment in mind, then providing advertisement content for a specified pay is taken as a good idea.







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