eLocity A7 Android tablet from Stream TV

Thursday, August 19, 2010, 14:29 by Tech Correspondent

The eLocity A7 from Stream TV is a tablet device that can play mobile television shows.

elocity a7 android tablet from stream tv

Photo: eLocity A7 running Android OS

The press release calls it an iPad competitor – but pretty much any tablet device can be technically called an iPad competitor, so we will ignore that part for now. The mobile TV play capability looks interesting, however.

The Stream TV eLocity A7 tablet runs on Android, but we do not know which version of Android would be powering the A7. The press release is quite sparse on details such as technical specifications or price. So we know that Stream TV thinks the eLocity A7 has a high resolution 7 inch screen to run rich multimedia applications, but we do not know if it is capacitive or resistive. What we have, though, are a bunch of photos of the eLocity A7. Related: Android tablets in 2010

The eLocity A7 measures 8.2×4.8 inches and is said to be more portable than an iPad. However, full specifications of the Stream TV will only be available on August 24 when eLocity starts taking pre orders. So for now, we have no idea if the A7 is a media powerhouse or will barely chug along. Related: Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) tablets coming

Since it runs on Android though, the eLocity A7 tablet will very likely run applications available at the Android Market, and will provide easy access to Google software and websites.

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