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Infosys is Cummins' global preferred vendor

2 March 2008

Infosys Technologies has been named by Cummins Inc as one of three Global Preferred Vendors (GPVs) for IT application outsourcing and business consulting services. Cummins is into design, manufacture, and vending of diesel engines and related technologies.

The association with Infosys, is expected to help Cummins handle the growing global demand for power technologies and components. "We're a Fortune 500 company that embraces technology as a strategic platform to business growth,”said Gail Farnsley, CIO, Cummins. "Our ambitious plans to grow and gain market share through effective use of technology is enabled by our IT partners. We selected Infosys because it ranked as the top partner candidate capable of meeting and exceeding our transformational performance expectations.”

Cummins, which serves customers in more than 160 countries, launched an effort in January 2007 to identify its GPVs who would help the company transform its IT application outsourcing to support growth in core technical capabilities and global reach. Infosys was the only new company selected during this rigorous process. Together, the Cummins and Infosys team will deploy IT solutions that will help Cummins grow to more than $20 billion in revenue over the next several years.

"We conducted a thorough Six Sigma initiative designed to align our IT partners with our business requirements. We evaluated 13 companies and Infosys was selected as one of our GPVs due to its credentials, experience, global presence, and ability to take us to the next level," said Chris Edwards, director of Cummins Supplier Relationship Management.

"Cummins has become an industry leader through its pursuit of quality and unwavering client relationships standards," according to B G Srinivas, senior vice president and head of manufacturing, Infosys Technologies. "Cummins applies that rigor to selecting partners and its selection of Infosys is the latest proof point to our success in deepening our expertise and broadening our footprint in the manufacturing industry. Progressive companies like Cummins continue to select Infosys as the preferred transformational partner because of that track record."

Infosys Manufacturing provides industry solutions and services such as consulting, engineering, IT, business process outsourcing, to enable global 2000 companies in high-tech/electronics, discrete, automotive, aerospace, process industries to win in the flat world. The 12,000-plus professionals at the company combine industry, business process and technology expertise to help clients optimize customer experience, enhance supply chain agility, accelerate product innovation, and leverage IT investments for business advantage.





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