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Comcast, Zimbra, Plaxo and HP to offer SmartZone service

9 May, 2007

Comcast, the broadband and cable TV company, has partnered with Zimbra, the open source software company, to provide its users with email and other services. The service is known as SmartZone.

The main features for Comcast's SmartZone are a Web-based interface for e-mail, calendars, contact lists and instant messaging. SmartZone service is intended for those customers who are paying Comcast for TV, internet and phone communications, and if all goes well, SmartZone will arrive later this year.

And its not only Zimbra and Comcast that are partnering in this deal, Plaxo and Hewlett Packard are also partners for this SmartZone service. Plaxo will supply the necessary software for users to arrange and customise their address books, while HP will build as well as operate the SmartZone service.

Zimbra usually sells its software to other companies, as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, but also targets ISPs.

John Robb, vice president of marketing and product development, said, "This has the opportunity to be one of the most exciting things we've done."




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