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Blu-Ray, HD DVD battle rages on


24 Aug, 2005: The Blu-Ray HD DVD talks have got deadlocked, with Sony (which promotes the Blu-Ray DVD format) and Toshiba (which has developed the HD DVD format) refusing to change their stated positions. The talks are still not officially called off, but Japanese media have reported that currently, both are proceeding with work on their own respective DVD formats.

The next generation DVD movie technology format is the bone of contention between consortia headed by rivals Sony and Toshiba. Each camp would like to have maximum DVD audio video (movies particularly) content producers on their side, which is why each have been aggressively courting Hollywood studios. 

To put simply, the DVD format Blu-Ray developed by Sony has 25 GB of data storage space, which is higher than Toshiba's HD DVD, which can store 15 GB of data. But the Sony Blu-ray DVD is costlier to produce, putting a question mark on its viability, whereas the HD DVD by Toshiba is much cheaper.

Sony has claimed that higher storage capacity is a must for high-quality audio and video technolgies whch are emerging. Toshiba, however, says that such large disk space is not necessary, since most users will not need that much space. 

It is clear that both of them will be dependant to a large extent on the Hollywood studios and which format suits them. If a majority of studios lean towards one of the consortia, that side wins.

The two DVD formats are not compatible. This means that a person owning a Blue-Ray DVD will not be able to play it on a HD DVD drive. The duality of drives and DVDs will lead to confusion among consumers and huge losses. 

With higher online bandwidths in the offing, movie downloads from the Internet are expected to be a reality too.



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