BlackBerry Storm 3 photo leaked

Monday, January 17, 2011, 8:06 by Tech Correspondent

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 has 1.2GHz of processing power and an 800 x 480 pixel display.

This news is via Boy Genius Report, a website that is in possession of photographs and specs of the new device from Research In Motion. BlackBerry Storm 3 will perhaps be released at the World Mobile Congress 2011 in Barcelona next month. It was rumor earlier that it would come to Verizon’s network in the United States. Also see: BlackBerry Storm in India

It is unclear which processor RIM has used in the new BlackBerry Storm 3, but the company uses the OMAP series from Texas Instruments which are dual core processors capable of up to 1.5GHz of processing speed. However, RIM earlier this month said it won’t use dual core processors in smartphones just yet because appropriate hardware is too expensive.

BlackBerry Storm 2, a predecessor to the one recently leaked, has a 480 x 360 display that measures 3.25 inches; while Storm 3 has a 3.7-inch touchscreen display. Both phones use capacitive touchscreens. BlackBerry Storm 3 has a 5 megapixel camera, which is better than Storm 2’s camera, and can record HD video.

blackberry storm 3 photo

Photo: Blackberry Storm 3

The new RIM smartphone has 512MB of RAM, 8GB eMMC and a microSD card slot. Similar to iPhone 4, Storm 3 works like a mobile hotspot so that all your devices can go online using your smartphone’s mobile connection when you’re not in a Wi-Fi zone.

There were rumors some time ago that Storm 3 would be launched on Verizon’s network. This too is a similarity with iPhone 4 which recently hit Verizon’s network. If Storm 3 is released on the requisite Verizon network, the wireless carrier will have at least two popular smartphones that deliver the hardware for people to use its $30 for unlimited data use scheme on a wide scale. Also see: BlackBerry Storm 3 on Best Buy

Storm 3 is Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Wi-Fi 2.4GHz b/g/n enabled and uses quad band GSM, GPRS and Edge, and tri band UMTS and HSPA. It uses BlackBerry 6.1 operating system and has an optical trackpad for navigation. BlackBerry Storm is good for gaming because it has a magnetometer, proximity sensor and an accelerometer, and supports Open GL ES 2.0, an open standard that games and other developers use, and which Storm 2 doesn’t support. Storm 3 uses a 1230 mAh battery.

This year, Research In Motion plans to launch the Balckberrys Torch and Apollo Curve, among other devices. BlackBerry Dakota, which was leaked recently, is a lot like BlackBerry Bold. The Dakota supports 3G and near field communication (NFC) connectivity but lacks 4G and a dual core processor.

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