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Bioshock debut on mobiles soon

18 February 2008

Bioshock is making its way right into your mobile phone. The popular PC and Xbox 360 console game will now be brought to mobile handsets by Indiagame along with its international publishing arm IG Fun.

IG Fun had to secure the global rights from 2K Games to develop and publish the game on the mobile platform. IG Fun and Indiagames, however, have not yet revealed the release date for Bioshock on mobile phones.

The game, which is a major hit with gamers worldwide, has also earned awards ranging from “Best Xbox 360 game” to “Game of the Show” award to “Best Game Award” at popular gaming conventions including the Leipzig Game Convention 2007, BAFTA 2007 and E3 2006.

The first-person shooter game with role playing game customization elements, is set against the background of an Ayn Rand-inspired dystopian setting. According to a review, BioShock places the player in the role of a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater Objectivist-dystopian city of Rapture, and survive attacks, by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. The gamer will have to make meaningful choices and mature decisions to play savior.

IG Fun expects to live up to its mobile promises when it offers Bioshock on mobiles. Bio-shock on mobile is expected to bring in the next level in mobile game development and game play experience. The PC and console version of the game has already been a huge hit. The two companies hope to replicate the success on the mobile platform too.





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