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Bengalooru traffic police to use Blackberrys to pin down traffic violators

30 May, 2007

Bangalore or Bengalooru is infamous for its traffic and traffic jams. Now, the city police, tired of battling heavy traffic, is going high-tech. If all goes well, the Bangalore city police will have Blackberrys at hand to help them with the traffic worries.

From June 1, 2007 onwards, the Bangalore police will be given 280 Blackberrys and wireless printers (to replace the challans) to traffic sub-inspectors and inspectors. The Bangalore city police are being trained now on how to use these Blackberrys and wireless printers to track down repeated traffic offenders and pin down violators.

Using their Blackberrys, the traffic police in Bengalooru can easily call up all past offences by a violator. Right now, people can accept as many challans as they can from the cops and vanish, never to be tracked down again. But with the Blackberrys, they are at a disadvantage. Once the cop gets to see all your unpaid fines on his screen, your only option is to pay up the entire amount immediately.

It is the first time that the Bangalore city police will use new-age devices like Blackberrys and hopefully; we believe this move will stem traffic violations.




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