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Apple to launch new iPod versions

31 August, 2007

Apple Inc. will soon launch new versions of iPods. The launches, which are expected to come with more features, will cost the same, according to a technology news source.

The new devices are a result of the company’s focus on its core businesses after expanding into the cell phone industry earlier this year with its iPhone.
Apple had in July 2007 launched a similar update of its iMac desktop computers, in which it added more features and also cut prices on certain models.

The new iPods are expected to be based on a version of Apple's homegrown computer operating system and will be about an inch shorter and will be capable of storing more digital media. There is also speculation that the new media players will feature some elements, such as a touchscreen, that Apple first introduced in its iPhone.

Meanwhile, another report said that Apple is also exploring new opportunities to more deeply integrate its products with the entertainment systems inside cars. As a first step Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs had held discussions with Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn in this regard. If things work out as expected, a possible iCar project featuring products by Apple, would kick off a revolution in car stereo systems.





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