Apple iPod Touch may feature glasses-free 3D screen

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 13:11 by Tech Correspondent

Latest rumor on Apple’s upcoming iPod Touch is that it will feature a glass-free 3D display.

The rumors suggest that the upcoming iPod Touch will get the same sort of 3D display found in the Nintendo 3DS. This rumor originated from Japanese blog Macotakara. In the blog, it was mentioned that an unnamed source at an LCD panel manufacturer who provides displays for Apple, claims that they are preparing small 3D screens to be used in the next generation iPod Touch. Apple has been working on a 3D display technology for quite some time and the company has filed several patents for 3D related technologies since 2006. Related: Apple iPad in India

The report also mentions that the iPod Touch may have a 3D integrated gaming interface. This means that the device could use its front-facing camera to detect the head position and its Gyroscope in order to display 3D images on the screen. The Japanse blog has gone to the extent of putting a video to show how they think the 3D iPod Touch might work.

apple ipod touch photo

Photo: Apple iPod Touch

Apple acquired a glasses-free 3D imaging patent early last month and similar 3D imaging technology will probably be the next addition to high end portable and connected gaming devices such as smartphones, a market with brands like Sony Ericsson with its PlayStation smartphone; Apple with iPod Touch, iPhone and possibly iPad; Windows Phone 7 with Xbox Live machines; and Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming device, etc.

Apple’s glasses-free imaging technology, which is similar in this respect to that of other makes, works such that there’s a camera around the screen somewhere which tracks the user’s eyes (or at least does so once while it’s being installed) and then it displays 3D according to where the eyes are likely to be looking.

However, the first generation of glasses-free 3D imaging products is barely out, and this means three things – first that supporting hardware is still expensive; second, that the initial glitches in the system haven’t been identified and sorted; and third that there isn’t enough supporting software or media.

Of these, the first reason is most likely to hold Apple from using the technology, but as with the iPad, Apple does experiment in new markets and therefore, if Apple’s new glassless 3D iPod Touch, assuming there is one, can cost about $300 (as much as a Nintendo 3DS,) there seems to be little reason why Apple wouldn’t release it soon.

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