Apple iPad 2 to get double of full HD resolution display

Monday, January 17, 2011, 9:53 by Tech Correspondent

The next generation of Apple iPad is reported to support a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, which is twice of full HD resolution (1024 x 768 pixels).

MacRumors has came up with this bit of information based on the discovery of double HD size resolution pictures and icons on some iOS apps. The current Apple iPad supports only up to full HD resolution and moreover these images are labeled iPadx2. Related: iPad 2 to ship in February?

Earlier, people speculated that the next Apple iPad will have Retina Display technology, which Apple uses on the iPhone. However, at 256 pixels per inch, the unofficially-dubbed iPad 2 will still not be as sharp as the iPhone 4 with Retina Display, which displays about 330 pixels per inch.

Of course pixel density should depend on the screen size that Apple chooses, and there is speculation that there might be 7 inch and 10 inch iPads, though there might a 12 inch version as well. It must be noted though that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has declared the 7-inch iPad tablets DOA (dead on arrival). Also see: Previous iPad 2 rumors

apple ipad display photo

Photo: Apple iPad display

Precisely double the current resolution is convenient for developers who wouldn’t have to change the proportions of things they have already made and can easily customize their products for various Apple mobile platforms. Apple will probably use a dual core ARM based processor to power the tablet and the processor will likely have a built-in graphics chip. Suggested read: iPad 2 three versions expected

Apple was absent from the CES 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this month, where about 100 new tablet devices were launched, predominantly running Google’s Android OS. Apple is currently the market leader in the tablet market, tough it is likely to face increasing competition from RIM”s BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola’s Xoom Honeycomb tablet.

LG too has a double HD display (QXGA resolution) technology called Nova which it will use in the LG Optimus Black device. It is possible, as technology blog points out, that Apple has sourced the imaging technology for its new mobile devices from LG. Perhaps iPad 2 will use Nova technology in the screen. Nova technology displays 700 nits of brightness, which in addition to innate screen resolution, determines contrasts in the image and consequently, picture quality.

Earlier, rumors were rife that the iPad 2 would have a front camera for video conferencing on Apple’s FaceTime software. The iPad 2 also ought to have a USB drive because transferring data is impossible just now, unless it is transferred wirelessly. Also, by default, Apple iPads cannot open zipped attachments, nor can they open Microsoft Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations or Word files.

The iPad2 i expected to be launched in April 2011. But we are not sure when and at what price will iPad2 come to India. In fact, Apple hasn’t even officially launched the original iPad in India. This time though we are a trifle more optimistic because Apple has ordered 65 million displays for iPad 2 for 2011. That’s a lot of displays considering it has sold roughly 10 million iPads since its launch.

And that suggests that this time around, Apple would not want to leave emerging markets waiting as there will be other (Android) tablets to fill the gap. So we should hopefully see iPad 2 in India as least by 3rd quarter at price not too different from the current iPad prices of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 45,000.

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