Apple iPad 2 set for March 2 release?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 6:13 by Tech Correspondent

Apple iPad 2, affectionately called iPad Too, will be released on March 2 in San Francisco, says All Things Digital, the Wall Street Journal’s tech blog.

Apple is scheduled to release the new MacBook Pros on Feb. 24. Apple hasn’t said anything about releasing iPad 2 yet, and hasn’t sent out any invites for the alleged event, but multiple sources seem to have corroborated the story, and therefore it is probably for real.

The iPad 2’s features are unknown, but innumerable conjectures and suggestions have been made regarding what it is likely to have or what it ought to have. See our previous story on iPad 2 rumors and features

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Photo: Apple iPad

Apple iPad 2 is expected to have a thinner display than iPad 1, though it still won’t be as good as Retina Display, which Apple uses for iPhones. However, there were rumors sometime ago that iPad 2 will support twice of full HD resolution

The new Apple tablet will probably use 4G networks; should work as a mobile hotspot; could support 3D graphics; integrate with FaceTime for video chats, etc. Although users would have liked the device to have USB and microSD ports, it’s possible that iPad 2 will continue to lack these data sharing features.

The iPad 2 will have a webcam on the front which can be used with FaceTime software for video chats. There is speculation that the device will be powered by a dual core Qualcomm processor, and that it will be able to use both GSM and CDMA networks around the world.

Since last April, when Apple iPad was released, the company’s sold more than 15 million units. But unlike last year, Apple will face much more competition in the tablet market which is now crowded with devices running Android OS.

Some of these will be Motorola’s Xoom, a slew of tablets from Samsung, LG, Sony and Dell. Nearly 100 tablet models were revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 earlier this year at Las Vegas.

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  1. Tristan Thomas said on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 8:38

    Last year they announced the iPad a lot earlier. I wonder what was taking them so long lol. Apple better come up with something that we will consider “magic” or something that will “change everything” again when compared to these other tablets on the market.
    Here are 3 things that the iPad will need to kill its Android’s Honeycomb platform: