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AMD gets ready to launch Phenom processors

17 May, 2007

AMD, the chipmaker, is all set to rewrite the history of next-gen processors with a prestigious launch of its new quad-core desktop processors. AMD expects to make new waves with its ready to launch quad core desktop processors.

AMD's new quad-core desktop processors will be nameed "Phenom", which will be launched by AMD later this year. AMD plans to unveil Phenom just after the company launches its quad-core Opteron processor "Barcelona" for servers.

With its new Phenom processors, AMD is prepared to take on the likes of Intel's quad-core Xeon processors and more than that, come May 14 and AMD will launch a new platform to offer eight core technology to PC users.

The launch of the octo-core platform called "FASN8" (pronounced "fascinate") marks a clear move by the chipmaker to make its own platforms since the buy of its ATI in October.

The quad-core processors - Barcelona - will be launched in the coming months. The Phenom and the octo-core platform could be launched in the later 2007.




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