Airtel App Central downloads set new record

Friday, June 25, 2010, 19:24 by Tech Correspondent

Ever since Bharti Airtel’s App Central was launched in March 2010, there has been no looking back for the mobile service provider.

Figures just released show that there have been 13 million downloads from App Central in just four months. In other words, there has been a download happening from Central every 1.2 seconds.

There are over 71,000 apps available at App Central. According to sources, this is the highest number of apps offered by any service provider in the market. These are spread over 25 categories and include games, news, social networking, travel, sports, education and health. The apps are supported on 780 devices from a variety of manufacturers, a strong rise considering that only 550 were supported when the store was launched.

Several things are working towards making Airtel this record breaker – there are several free apps, they have a facility of the operator billing the customer for the app that is downloaded. This is a real advantage because it eliminates the need to use a credit card; instead the charges for the download will be included in the monthly bill. App Central is uncomplicated and easy to use, even for first time users, with apps downloading without any hassles. An additional advantage for users is that after the purchase, there are no further charges or costs for using the app, in most cases. The only exception to this is if the app is a service that is subscription based. And in case the user has technical trouble or the download is aborted, the same one can be accessed again without any additional cost.

With such an abundance of apps available for download, Airtel’s next crucial job seems to be to create separate pages for the new apps, as well as for the popular ones, so that all the apps are accessible to the users.

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