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Microsoft launches "Aegis Wing" free downloadable game

17 May, 2007

Microsoft launched "Aegis Wing", the first ever totally free game in Microsoft's XBox 360 console, on May 16, 2007. The game Aegis Wing was actually developed by Scott Brodie and two other interns who worked with Microsoft Games.

After the internship was over Brodie was hired permanently and he worked together with the Carbonated Games casual game division, the team that completed the Aegis Wing.

Aegis Wing, the game that bought accolades to the game division, can now be downloaded free from the XBox Live Arcade.

Before joining the Carbonated Games casual game division, Scott Brodie worked with several game development companies. He studied Computer Science from MSU, but he says that he has been a hard-core gamer as long as he can remember. He thinks that first thing that one needs to have is a passion for gaming to begin as a game developer.




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