Acer GN245HQ 3D HDMI monitor launched at $677

Wednesday, February 9, 2011, 6:20 by Tech Correspondent

Acer has a new 3D HD monitor GN245HQ that can be used as a TV as well. This monitor from Acer is the first to use Nvidia’s HDMI 3D technology. It will be available in March for about GBP 420 or $677.

The Acer monitor connects via HDMI and DVI-DL and a 3D vision IR emitter. It can play 3D Blue-ray discs, can be connected to a set top box to play channels such as Sky 3D, and can play other 3D entertainment content such as video taken with a handheld 3D camera, rather than being restricted only to 3D computer graphics. Related: 3D TVs tempt Indian buyers

acer GN245HQ 3d monitor photo

Photo: Acer GN245HQ 3D Monitor

The 3D monitor from Acer comes with large Nvidia active shutter 3D glasses, and due to the vision IR emitter, multiple glasses can be used at once for gaming or watching movies though it’s unclear just how many pairs of 3D glasses Acer packs with its 3D monitor.

3D glasses can be expensive, but it is likely that for a large number of viewers, displays that require people to wear 3D glasses are better than glasses-free 3D technology because the latter needs to keep the viewer in focus, which might be hard to do if very many people are watching.

Acer GN245HQ is a 23.6-inch LED-backlit screen with a contrast ratio of 100 million:1. A high contrast ratio such as this, if the hardware supports it, displays subtle differences in light and shade, thus giving the image more perspective or depth. Suggested read: Panasonic launches world’s largest 3D TV in India

Acer GN245HQs 3D monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9. It can play full high definition, 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution video, has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and response time of 2 milliseconds. A high refresh rate and low response time enables a monitor to keep up with human action while gaming, provided the rest of the hardware is fast as well. Acer’s 3D monitor comes with apps to explore archaeological sites, the universe or the inside of a human body in 3D.

The GN245HQ 3D monitor is part of Taiwanese company Acer’s EcoDisplay range. It doesn’t contain Mercury and is made of recyclable materials. The LED backlighting uses two lamps instead of four, and is said to therefore save 68 percent power. The GN245HQ has built in speakers with 2W of output, which aren’t good enough for the display, so buying extra speakers might be necessary.

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