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DWS Gadgets is a specialist news channel with the latest news and photos of phones, computers, televisions, cameras and all that exciting stuff on the internet.

In page views, DWS Gadgets ranks among the Top 10 technology news sites in the country: 230,000 page views monthly, and 200,000 monthly unique visitors.

Our coverage includes the latest launches, deals, upgrades, listings and news about brands. We provide useful information that helps our readers in their buying decisions.

DWS Gadgets is the tech channel of DWS (www.dancewithshadows.com/about-us/). Founded in 2005, DWS is a popular destination for audiences looking for news and usable information on automobiles, gadgets and appliances, travel and entertainment.

With its acquisition by Mindworks Global Media Services recently, DWS is now scaling up to become one of the largest online producers of world-class content in the country.

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