3D TVs get cheaper with the Samsung PN50C490B3D

Monday, September 6, 2010, 20:04 by Tech Correspondent

The Samsung PN50C490B3D Plasma 3D TV is priced $ 989 at Best Buy

Samsung has upped the ante in 3D TV price wars with its new Samsung PN50C490B3D 50-inch 3D Plasma TV available at just under $1000.

The Samsung PN50C490B3D, at Besy Buy in US, comes with a price tag of $ 989. The catch? The TV comes without 3D glasses so a user will have to splurge extra to complete his/her 3D experience. But more on that later. First, the features.

The 50-inch Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV offers a refresh rate of 600Hz. It also boasts of a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio at a 720 pixel resolution.

Samsung PN50C490B3D 50 inch 3D Plasma TV photo

Photo: Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV

In terms of size, the Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV is 31-inch tall, 11 ¾-inch wide and 2 ¾-inch (width and depth include the size of the stand).

Connectivity ports on the Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV include a USB port, three DVI inputs and dual component inputs (one for VGA and one for optical audio). It also comes with 20W internal speakers and a V-chip.

The Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV does not have a Wi-Fi option but users can either connect an adapter or play media stored elsewhere using the USB port.

Coming back to the missing 3D glasses. Users can pick them up separately at prices of $150 – $200 each. So if you want the whole family to enjoy the Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV, you might end up shelling out another $600 to $1000 for the glasses alone, which sort of negates the whole cheap 3D TV deal.

Users can always choose to watch the Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV in 2D (but then why buy a 3D TV?) until they are ready to spend extra for the 3D glasses.

Availability of the Samsung PN50C490B3D 3D Plasma TV will depend where you buy it from as it has only been released in select Best Buys so far. There is no information on when the 3D TV model would be available in Europe or Asia.

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