3D TVs tempt Indian buyers: Sony, Samsung and LG launch 3D TV models

Friday, October 15, 2010, 10:00 by Tech Correspondent

A host of 3D TVs are here to tempt the Indian buyer

The TV market in India is buzzing with the advent of 3D technology, which has now entered homes through high-definition television sets. While on one hand consumers are intrigued by the concept of 3D viewing at home, on the other, they are hesitant in shelling out the price that such a purchase demands (3D glasses for the whole family are an added expense). The limited 3D content available to the Indian market also puts a question mark on the value-for-money that 3D HDTVs can offer to the target consumer. Viewers are also resistant to putting on 3D glasses. Nevertheless, the new technology seems here to stay. So, let’s take a look at what the top brands have to offer India in the 3D space.

Samsung 3D TV sets in India: Features and prices

Samsung’s lineup of LED 3D HDTVs is easy on the eyes and packed with features. The range comprises the Samsung LED 9000, the C8000 and the C7000 series.  All three series are built with 3D processors, which can automatically convert normal 2D content into 3D (that should hopefully solve the current problem of insufficient 3D content in the Indian market). The HDTVs also allow Web browsing and claim to be environment friendly. They all come with their own set of 3D glasses.

The Samsung LED 9000 series comprises a 55-inch model, the UA55C9000SR, which is priced at Rs. 440,000. The 7.98-mm stainless-steel body, being touted as the world’s slimmest full HDTV, connects to a translucent neck and an auto-sliding touchpad. The TV comes with a built-in a tuner and two integrated 15w front-facing speakers, which are embedded in the stand. The series offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi support through which users can connect to Samsung Apps to stream movies, play games, view photos as well as surf directly from the TV.

A feature that stands out on the Samsung LED 9000 series is a touch-screen remote that is based on Samsung’s Allshare technology. The remote is equipped with a three-inch color display and a QWERTY keyboard. It provides 2.4Ghz processing speed and can also connect to other compatible set-top box and AV devices through infrared technology. Users can link wirelessly to their PCs to browse content (a DNA Support feature lists PC content by thumbnail images). A 3.5mm earphone jack and a ‘Twin View’ feature on the remote allow users to watch content simultaneously on the TV and the remote (useful if you have to step into the kitchen for a minute and don’t want to miss a scene).

Other features on the Samsung LED 9000 series include four HDMI ports and a USB port. The 9000 series has been awarded an Energy Star 4.0 rating. An Eco Sensor on the set automatically adjusts the display brightness, according to the ambient light in the room.

The Samsung LED C8000 series comprises the 55-inch UA55C8000XR and the 46-inch UA46C8000XR models. Both models are equipped with Samsung’s 3D HyperReal Engine and Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technologies, which are said to deliver true-to-life colors on all Samsung LED HDTVs. The devices support SRS TheatreSound audio. The 55-inch model is priced at Rs. 260,000 and the 46-inch model retails for Rs. 190,000.

Samsungs’s Internet@TV technology on the C8000 series allows users to browse the Web and connect to Samsung applications, such as movies, photos and games. Surfing can be done using controls on the TV remote. Users can also make high-definition widescreen video calls by connecting to Skype through the TV (provided you have a Freetalk TV camera plugged in). The C8000 series also sports Allshare and allows users to use one remote to access multiple AV devices wirelessly. As with other Samsung LED HDTVs, this series is Energy Star compliant.

The Samsung LED C7000 series includes three models: the 55-inch UA55C7000WR, the 46-inch UA46C7000WR and the 40-inch UA40C7000WR. The 55-inch model is priced at Rs. 230,000, the 46-inch one at 170,000 and the 40-inch one at Rs. 130,000

The Samsung LED C7000 series is made up of silver metal bezel material (similar to the LED 9000 and C8000 series). All models sit on a Quad Stand and are designed on the “slim” form factor. All three models offer support for Internet browsing and video calling (through Skype and a Freetalk TV camera). The series provides a universal remote with Allshare connectivity to link to multiple AV devices. All devices in this series are Energy Star compliant.

LG 3D TV models in India: Features and prices

LG has launched a single series of LED LCD 3D TV in India comprising three models – the Infinia series. The first model in the series, the LG Infinia 55LX9500 LED LCD 3D TV, is a 55-inch model, 22.3mm deep, with a 16mm bezel. It is designed with a backlight structure, which illuminates the screen through LED panels located on the rear of the set. The company claims it is the world’s first full LED 3D TV. The LX9500 is priced at Rs. 300,000.

The LG Infinia LX9500 LED LCD 3D TV is equipped with a TruMotion 400Hz LED panel that offers a refresh rate of 400 times per second and a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1. The device enables Web streaming through Netcast. Bluetooth and USB connectivity allow users to link to compatible devices to view external media content in the following file formats: mp3 (music), jpg (photo), asf, avi, mp4 (video). It also supports SD DivX, XViD and Mpeg-1/2 codecs. The 3D TV uses shutter glasses-type technology and has a built-in dual IR emitter to provide a wider viewing angle. The 3D glasses (rechargeable through USB) offer up to 40 hours of viewing.

The next in line, the LG Infinia 47LX9500 LED LCD 3D TV is basically a 47-inch version of the LX9500. The 47LX9500 retails for Rs. 200,000.

The last full HD LED LCD TV in the series is the LG 42LE8500 LED LCD 3D TV. This is a 42-inch model equipped with a full LED backlit display, available in the market for Rs. 159,990.

The LG 42LE8500 LED LCD 3D TV provides a refresh rate of 200 times per second with its TruMotion 200Hz technology. The dynamic contrast ratio offered by this model is 9,000,000:1. The device is Wi-Fi-enabled and provides support for DLNA and Bluetooth, similar to the other two high-end models in the Infinia series. Users can also link to Netcast to download and stream media content directly on to their TV set through a wireless broadband adapter (AN-WF100). The 42LE8500 has a local dimming feature that adjusts the dimming level of local pixels to enhance contrast ratio and save energy.

Sony 3D TVs in India: Features and prices

Sony’s latest display offerings are three new Full HD BRAVIA LED LCD TV series, HX800, LX900 and NX710. The HX800 series comprises three models:

–    KDL-55HX800: 55-inch model, priced at 259,900
–    KDL-46HX800: 46-inch model, priced at Rs. 153,900
–    KDL-40HX800: 40-inch model, priced at Rs. 1,23,900

The LX900 series has two versions:

–    60LX900: 60-inch model, available for Rs. 449,900
–    52LX900: 52-inch model  available for Rs. 369,900

The NX710 series also has two models;
–    KDL-46NX710: 46-inch model, retailing at Rs. 193,900
–    KDL-40NX710: 40-inch model, retailing at Rs. 153,900

Within a series, the models differ only in screen sizes. All models support full high-definition 3D and Bravia Internet Video.

The Sony HX800 series is equipped with a dynamic edge LED backlight fit into a deep black panel. The devices offer Motionflow 200Hz Pro (which basically implies a refresh rate 200 times per second) coupled with an Image Blur Reduction technology. The series is W-Fi enabled, which allows users to access online video content through the built-in Bravia Internet Video. The TV sets come with a built-in ambient sensor, which adjusts the brightness and contrast of the images on screen according to the ambient light in the room, enhancing picture quality and energy efficiency. To reduce visual noise, the HX800 series has also been equipped with a Bravia Engine 3 fully digital video processor.

The Sony KDL-55HX800 package comes bundled with two pairs of 3D glasses, a 3D-enabled BD player and nine disks of 3D content. The 46HX800 and 40HX800 3D TVs offer an additional home theater system along with the glasses, BD player and 3D content.

The Sony LX900 LED LCD 3D TVs are built with the Motionflow 200Hz Pro and OptiContrast panels, which reduce on-screen glare to provide a clearer picture. The displays in this series are also backlit with LED lighting, as in the HX800 series. The TV package comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, a 3D-enabled BD player and nine disks of 3D content. The LX900 series in Wi-Fi-ready and allows to connect to Bravia Internet Video and other online sites to access video content and Internet widgets.

All models of the Sony NX710 LED LCD 3D TV series sport Motionflow 100Hz Pro (refresh rate of 100 times per second) and Image Blur Reduction technologies. They are built with LED backlit OptiContrast panels. Users get an additional Bunchin stand along with two pairs of 3D glasses, a 3D-enabled BD player and nine disks of 3D content. The sets offer support for Wi-Fi connectivity and link to online video content and widgets.

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