$ 35 Indian tablet is really Hivision Speedpad, a Chinese product?

Monday, September 13, 2010, 10:46 by Tech Correspondent

Remember the Android tablet that Kapil Sibal, Union HRD minister showed off to the public, a few weeks back? He had claimed that the tablet, priced at a super-low $ 35, was the creation of IITs in India.

$ 35 indian tablet photo

Photo: The $35 Indian tablet compared to Hivision Speedpad

However, serious doubts have been cast on this claim after an Indian website AndroidOS.in said that the tablet is the same as the Hivision Speedpad, a Chinese product.

There has been no clarification from the minister or the Indian government so far.

We had carried a story that HCL Infosystems is to produce the tablet in India. But AndroidOS.in claims that they will just test the tablet, not produce it.

If the accusations are true, it would be terribly embarrassing for the Indian government. Gadget and tech websites across the blog have already published stories debunking the government’s claims about the so-called $ 35 tablet.

The Hivision Speedpad or PWS700HA Android tablet was first revealed at the CeBIT technology tradeshow in Berlin earlier this year by Hivision. The company had then said it will cost as low as $100. Now, it is believed that the Indian government would purchase this tablet in bulk and subsidise it to bring the price down to $35.

The government of India had said that it planned to gradually reduce the price of the tablet further still, to around $10, or less than Rs 500. It also plans to create free, quality educational content for people in the country.

It was claimed that the $ 35 ‘Indian tablet’ – called Sakshat by some outlets – would be launched officially by January 2011. The touchscreen tablet will have 2GB or RAM and support pdf documents according to some reports. It will also have a camera for video chats and USB ports. The Indian government’s Android tablet was supposed to come in three sizes measuring 5, 7 and 9 inches diagonally.

However, in the light of the new accusations, we are not certain of the tablet will even see the light of day!

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  1. Rohit said on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 8:09

    this is totally rubbish … why can not India make an android tablet ?? … these are just rumors and nothing else… here we are waiting for Adam from Notion ink, manufactured by Indians and praised all over the world … and we are still in doubt if we can make a cheap android tablet or not …