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Make your dreams come true


Suma Varughese is the Editor-in-Chief of Life Positive magazine




Do you long to be a singer or an actor? To learn to swim, perhaps, or drive a car? To become more disciplined or patient or good-tempered? The possibilities are endless, but how do we make them happen?

Wonderfully enough, there is a way to make our resolutions stick and to achieve what we wish to. What’s more, this method actually makes the doing effortless. We will naturally be more disciplined or patient. This method will also involve the efforts of the whole universe, so that what we want gravitates towards us.

What is this wonder method? It is called Creative Visualisation and it harnesses the powers of the subconscious mind. It is not for nothing that the subconscious is called the God within us, for its powers are mind-boggling. Its whole purpose is to create our reality, by making what we think come true. For instance, if we keep thinking that we are stupid or inefficient or greedy, we will become more and more of that. We label ourselves (and others) derogatively all the time, little realising that the subconscious is making it all come true. Most of us use the powers of the subconscious negatively, because of our negative patterns of thinking. However, we can use these same powers positively, to create what we want.

Creative visualization helps us do that. Here is how: Close your eyes and slowly count to 20. You will find that your breath is long and slow and that you are feeling very relaxed. Now bring into your mind a vivid picture of whatever you wish to achieve. Perhaps it is walking briskly in the morning, breathing in the air, listening to the birds, watching the dew on the grass, and feeling great. Bring in as many details as you can, feel it strongly. Let it imprint itself on your mind. Feel within you the certainty of being able to achieve this. Now follow up with affirmations such as “I enjoy a morning walk every day and as I walk, I breathe in the energy of life from the air, the earth and the plants around me. I am part of life and I enjoy my connection with nature.” Do this regularly and whenever you have free time.

Here are some rules to observe when making affirmations.

  • Always use the present tense. Do not say, ‘I will walk every day’ because then it will always remain in the future.
  •  Phrase your sentences positively. Do not say, ‘I will not yell at the children.’ Say, “I am patient with the children no matter what the provocation.” The subconscious does not process negatives and so the former affirmation will read ‘I will yell at the children’.
  • Affirm from a peaceful and grounded state of mind. Your access to the subconscious is easier if your conscious mind is stilled.
  • The best times to do this are just before bedtime and just after waking up while still in bed.
  • This may take time. But keep trying, there’s no better way to achieve what you want, including transformation.

Good luck. May your dreams come true. 



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