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Espnstar spoil the show even before it starts

Inane introductory programs are one thing, but  ESPNStar even fails to get the kick-off right.


21 June, 2006

Harsha Bhogle hosting the show with guests “Steve McMahon” and “Noel de Limatao”, giving their expert comments and players to watch out for .Then followed by “Ranvir and Vinay” build up to the match with “Duniya Goal hai” which is very immaturely done and they make a complete joke about the beautiful Game of Football. Once they make a complete fool out of themselves and Football, its back to Harsha Bhogle and the team to give their last comments on the match. The players wait in the tunnel for 2 mins (which is captured by Espnstar,I don’t know why), then they make their way to the field.

Both the teams National anthem is played (which is captured by Espnstar). But one of the most important things in football is the shaking of the hands of the player, the reactions when they meet their own club members, the emotions involved between the two captains, the smiles between the players and the referee, the photograph taken of the individual teams, exchange of pennants between the two captians.

All these important events are not shown to us, but instead we get advertisements, which could be shown when the players are in the tunnel doing nothing. 

All eyes were on the first match of the defending champions Brazil against Croatia. The stage was set for the whistle to blow and start Brazil’s campaign to defend their Title for the Fifa 06 World Cup. Everyone waiting for the kickoff, everyone waiting for the first ball pass from Ronaldo to Adriano. People in India stay awake at 12:20 am to watch this magical moment. All friends and football fans get together with beer in hand to cheer as the match kicks off. Brazilians fans not just in Brazil but around the world wearing Brazilian jerseys, waiting for the match to commence. So what happens Next?

40 secs before :
Advertisements : Adidas India, Motorola IndiaHDFC Standard Life Insurance and Maruti Suzuki ,Coca-Cola all squeeze in as sponsers of the World Cup in India.

40 seconds after :
ESPN misses Brazil's kick-off! Staying late just to watch Brazil kick off all gone in vain. 40 seconds of the start of the defending champions have been eaten up by the ignorant Espnstar crew who got their timings all wrong.

All that anxiety and eagerness for nothing! Okay, we could still watch the rest of the match, but how can anyone miss the kick-off? Espnstar crew were sleeping on the job. Espnstar still have to get their basics right about where to place the advertising and which are the important aspects of Football and the World Cup. 

For probably the most watched sports event in the world, if the broadcaster does not know how to time the ads so they don't interfere with the match, it is a sad moment indeed.



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