Space Travel - possibilities


Has the public interest in space travel come down, after the euphoria of the first few manned space flights are over? Space travel was considered easily achievable then, and space tourism and the colonization of Mars were supposed to have happened by now.

I have collected some links which offer information on the chances of space travel being practical, technologies planned for space travel, and several sites.

I personally wish space travel were a possibility - and the concept of space elevators has bewitched me in some way. Well, we have all got our fantasies.. and now on to the sites.

Space travel and black holes

Can we ever travel through the intergalactic spaces using black holes? A familiar scientific concept, this Wired article throws some light on the issue.

Space elevators: NASA is working on it

An article on how space travel, at least to Earth orbit, could be possible. Find out more about it here

This article from How Stuff Works explains the principle and practical issues regarding space elevators.

Here is a book from Nasa on the problem of Space Travel

Space elevators are being looked upon as the cheapest option to travel to space. The idea is not science fiction anymore, and there are many organizations exploring means to make it practical. Read more here

Space Tourism

If you are interested in space travel, then obviously you would be interested in the plans for space tourism too. Read more here

Future space tour operators all have their own websites. You can visit the Yahoo category which lists them here. So far, It is only the Russian space agency that conducts space trips for billionaire travelers, but these guys all wish they could be the ones. Check them out.







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