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World Bank booster shot for health projects

WB to give $792 million loan for three health projects and a rural water project.

October 16 2006

Three health sector projects. One rural water project. A total of $792 million. The Indian government on Monday wrapped up a pact for this amount as loan from the World Bank to implement the four projects.

The amount which translates into Rs 3,564 crore would take care of the four projects, and the agreement was inked on Monday between Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, M Prasad, and World Bank's Acting Country Director, Rachid Benmessaoud.

The World Bank will extend $ 360 million to the Reproductive and Child Health Project-II (RCH-II), $170 million to the Second National Tuberculosis Control Programme, $ 141.83 million to Karnataka Health System Development and Reform project and $ 120 million to Uttaranchal Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, reports said.

As per the agreement, the health sector projects aim at improving reproductive and child health services, reduce mortality and morbidity due to tuberculosis and to increase utilisation of essential health service in Karnataka. Meanwhile, the water supply sector project targets improving the effectiveness of rural water supply and sanitation services under the control of Panchayati Raj Institutions and local communities in Uttaranchal.

It is learnt that the Reproductive and Child Health Project-II would need a total of $ 2.232 billion. Of this the World Bank will pump in $ 360 million, and the Indian government would channel a budgetary aid of $ 1.062 billion The remaining amount is believed to sought from other development partners, reports added.


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