Vampire arrested for stealing, drinking blood

2 October, 2007

What's a poor vampire to do when u had a bad night when you got sozzled, hurt a leg and woke up in a hospital?

Attack the blood bank! It's so obvious isn't it?

Anyway that is what this guy did in a Hong Kong hospital, earning himself two records: The first Asian vampire, and the first vampire to get caught on security cameras!

 Free Clipart Picture of a Cartoon Dracula Vampire in a Red Housecoat. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comSo our man woke up, wandered around the Yan Chai Hospital and found the laboratory. There were three vials of blood taken from a female patient taken from a female patient. So he drank it and dumped the contents in a trash can. And fled.

Unknown to his vampire senses, he was caught on security camera. When the staff noticed three vials of blood missing, they notified the cops who checked the footage, identified the guy and landed up at his house and arrested him.

No, he was not sleeping in his coffin. And they did not drive a stake through his heart. Sorry to disappoint you all.




Picture from Clipartguide



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