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Tsunami-hit women of Tamil Nadu sell kidneys to make a living

January 16, 2007

In a horrible post-tsunami aftermath, several fisherwomen of Tamil Nadu, stricken by abject poverty, have sold their kidneys to make a living.

The Tamil Nadu Government has ordered an investigation into the entire incident.

These starving women were offered up to Rs 1 lakh for their kidneys by the organ brokers who took them to far-off places like Madurai for the kidney-removing surgery, official sources in Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu, said.

Sometimes the donors were not paid even half the promised amount. And, many women ended up being perennially ill because of not taking proper post-surgery care.

After several such incidents came to light, the Tamil Nadu Government ordered an investigation into the whole matter by M S Sangeetha, Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) of Ponnery.

Some donors told Sangeetha that they had sold their kidneys since they had no other means of survival.

Kalpana, aged 18 and mother of two children, was forced to sell her kidney as it was her only option to save her marriage after her husband stopped going to sea and took to drinking after the giant waves battered the coast on December 26, 2004.

What is worse for her, Kalpana’s husband took away the entire Rs 75,000 she got in return for her kidney and then abandoned her in a temporary shelter for tsunami victims at Tsunami Nagar in Eranavur.

Saroja, Kalpana’s mother, says: “It is quite common among our menfolk to get remarried after driving their wives out.”


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