Stilettos can boost sex life

8 February, 2008

Italian urologist Dr.Maria Cerruto has found out that high heels have the capability of improving sex lives.

Research by Cerruto says that a study of 66 women under 50, who held their foot at a 15 degree angle to the ground, which means the equivalent of a two inch heel, had as good a posture as those who wore flats. The use of stilettos also showed less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles.

The research goes on to reveal that as the pelvic floor muscles are an essential component of the female body, wearing heels can assist sexual performance and give satisfaction, besides providing vital support to the pelvic organs, including the bladder, bowels and uterus.

Though stilettos might pose potential problems like weakening the wearer's health after pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, the study points out that there are exercises that can help in strengthening the wearer's muscles and eliminate these health risks.

Meanwhile, yet another report published by the fashion magazine Papierdoll contradicts Dr Cerutto's findings. A readers' poll by the magazine revealed that as many as 82 per cent of the respondents reported foot pain and another 72 per cent confessed to foot conditions, including ingrown toenails, fungal infections, calluses, bunions, corns, fallen arches, and nerve injuries, that have occurred as a result of wearing high heels. Doctors have also pointed out that wanting to look an extra inch taller and donning stilettos can exacerbate the condition of osteoarthritis.

Regardless, the latest study by Dr Cerruto has given women something to cheer about.





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