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Rahul Mahajan courts trouble, yet again

November 21, 2006

The Mahajan family seems to be never out of trouble ever since Pramod’s death. After the hullabaloo over the drug abuse scandal that rocked the family immediately after Pramod Mahajan’ untimely passing away, son Rahul has courted controversy yet again.

This time it is marriage blues that have come haunting. According to some media reports - since denied strenously by both the spouses - Rahul Mahajan reportedly has been accused by wife Shweta of relentless physical and verbal abuse. According to the reports, the marriage is on the rocks and Shweta is looking for a way out.

It was Mumbai's Mid-Day newspaper which broke the story and it also carried a photograph of Shweta with what looked like a bruise on her arm. 

It is only two and half months since Rahul and Shweta got married. Rahul had allegedly left Shweta with a cut lip, a bruised arm, a sore back when they had visited Delhi on November 15. Worse, the assault took place in front of two witnesses. 

It may be recalled that only three weeks ago, a quarrel between the couple had ended in a bruised leg for Shweta. The series of domestic violence is said to have started almost immediately after Shweta’s marriage to Rahul on August 29 earlier this year. 

According to reports, Shweta has been trying to convince Rahul to agree to a quiet separation. However, Rahul is believed to be not willing as such a move could adversely affect his political ambitions and also the ongoing court case on drug abuse charges. 

What sources close to the family say is that the couple is not living together anymore. Shweta is in Dehradun, while Rahul is trying hard to keep the tales of domestic violence under wraps. According to sources, Shweta is on the verge of ending their two-and-a-half month old marriage because of relentless physical and verbal abuse by her husband. However, even this has been denied strenously by the couple, who said that Shweta is in Dehradun for other reasons, and not because of any dispute.


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