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Rahul Mahajan snuffed cocaine

According to an NDTV report, Rahul Mahajan and Vivek Moitra snuffed cocaine on the night Moitra died.

June 3, 2006

Late Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pramod Mahajan's son Rahul Mahajan, who is battling for life in Apollo hospital in New Delhi is said to have snuffed cocaine according to an NDTV report. In an exclusive interview with NDTV. the three men who were present at Pramod Mahajan's bungalow in Safdarjung road said that both Rahul Mahajan and Vivek Moitra snorted coke.

Vivek Moitra, Pramod Mahajan's secretary, was brought dead to the hospital at 3 AM on friday morning. According to the Police, some white powder was recovered from Rahul's person and had been sent for forensic analysis. There were three other strangers who were said to have joined the party at night. According to the NDTV report, the three men in their 20s were brought to Mahajan's house by Sahil, a mutual friend from Mumbai. When Sahil went into a separate room with Moitra, he came out saying, "They want the stuff."

The four then went to the posh south Delhi area of Vasant Vihar and bought cocaine worth Rs 15,000 from a dealer.

They then returned to Mahajan's house with the drug. The three claim that Rahul used a Rs 500 note to snort coke while Moitra also snorted cocaine.

After consuming the drug, Moitra began frothing at the mouth while Rahul seemed to go into deep sleep. The three then woke up Mahajan's domestic help and asked them to take Mahajan and Moitra to the hospital.

The four men have been identified as Sahil, Rahul, Karan and Tishay. While three of them have surrendered to the police, Sahil is till missing.

Rahul is said to be critical but stable. According to doctors, the next 72 hours are critical for him.

Mahajan's family doctor, Nirmal Surya, said that Rahul had not overdosed and that he was on anti-depressants but of a low dosage.

Although there has been no official confirmation, the toxicology report is expected on Saturday.

Police are now questioning Rahul Mahajan's friends in Delhi. They are also probing calls made from his cellphone and have raided a house in northwest Delhi.

The clothes Moitra and Rahul were wearing have been sent for forensic analysis. The accident scene had been disturbed but the police were able to recover a champagne bottle and glasses from Mahajan's residence.

BJP leaders rushed to Apollo hospital to visit Rahul. Gopinath Munde, Rahul's uncle, also rushed to Delhi from Mumbai. Rahul Mahajan was being touted as the heir apparent to Pramod Mahajan and there was much speculation in the recent weeks about his initiation into politics. If drug abuse is confirmed in this case, it may just put paid to Rahul's fledgling political career.

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