Prashant Tamang is Indian Idol 3 Winner

Prashant Tamag is the winner of the third season of Indian Idol.

23 September, 2007

Prashant Tamang was considered the dark horse of the Indian Idol 3 contest.

The twenty-four year Prashant is a policeman with the Kolkata police force.

Bollywood actor John Abraham announced the winner of Indian Idol 3, and an emotional Tamag thanked everyone who helped him win and encourage, him.

Prashant Tamang is Nepalese hailing from Darjeeling. The sweet-natured cop is the first Nepal ever to take part in the Indian Idol contest. Prashant has had no professional formal training in singing.

The Indian Idol judges had often criticized him saying that his lack of training shows when he attempts difficult numbers. In the last few episodes, Prashant Tamang has shown a remarkable improvement in the quality of his singing.

Overall, Prashant is not considered to be as good as Amit Paul, but he has great support from his fan base. His fans are spread across Nepal, Sikkim, and West Bengal. Such is the support extended to Prashant Tamang, that he has never ever been in the danger zone so far in the contest.




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