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And now, a website for potholes!

Bangaloreans take to the web to solve problems on the ground

18th November 2005

Potholes are like bacteria. They are everywhere - we crib about them, avoid them and generally get on with life, with few complaints. Filing PILs against potholes and bacteria usually have the same effect.

Some inspiring remarks on the state of potholes at BangalorePotholes

"The stretch of convent road (after Manish Complex) and towards Richmond Road can be used by automotive companies for SUV advertisements."

"There is hardly road in this area where tar stretches at least for 5 metres smoothly. Best place to break your back. I would think twice before calling guests to my home here. Hope one Dharamji will visit this place and Break his back."

"After driving on this road, I have actually got a medical check-up done just to check that all the bones are in their respective places. It is money-making place for Orthopaedic doctors and motor mechanics. It's like driving your vehicle in big container filled with rocks."

Recently, the pothole saga reached the courts in Mumbai. The High Court ordered the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to fill & shut all potholes in Mumbai. A deadline was set: November 15.

Now, we all know the quality of BMC filling potholes. The court has appointed a 2-member panel to inspect the status of work conducted by BMC.

Instead of cribbing on the drive home and curling up on beds, we suggest Mumbaiites take a leaf out of the Bangalorean. A Bangalore website takes potshots at potholes in Bangalore, through a popular website called Check it out.

The website allows readers to share their experiences of potholes in Bangalore and its ill-maintained roads, complete with picture galleries of various prominent potholes in the city. It lists potholes in a dozen prominent roads in Bangalore, including Cubbon Road, Stephens Road, Frazer Town, and Nagawara Road from Tannery Road to Outer Ring Road. Click on the link naming the road and watch the photographs of potholes in that stretch.

In an effort at community action, the website urges surfers to adopt potholes in their locality. It also lists trivia on the etymology of pothole, their dangers, what causes them, who can locate and fix them, and potholes around the world.

You can also share your pothole experience online, by submitting a report. There are also links to the websites of government bodies which can help alleviate the problem.

Are we lazy Mumbaiikars still waiting for Vilasrao & Co to travel the potholed roads so there will be a solution?



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And now, a website for potholes!

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