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Good doctor, give these people an audience, will you?

Youngsters who breached the PM's security booked. We wish the PM woud meet them instead and whack them personally on their heads.

July 28, 2006

On Thursday, two girls and a man decided to meet the PM. They drove up to the main gate, where security let them in. They were stopped at the second gate at Reception, and when it was found that they did not have any appointment, were turned back. Later, when mediamen who were posted at the PM's residence pointed this out to cops, the police chased them down, and the youngsters said that they wanted to meet the PM, were allowed to pass the first gate and then were turned back later. The trio seemed to be pretty chilled out, one of them sticking her toungue out at the cameramen and blowing them kisses.

NDTv made a big hoo-ha about how serious this security breach was, with its correspondent Rahul Srivastava telling the anchor in the studio words to the effect that "these youngsters don't seem to have realise dthe gravity of the crime; it's the mother of all crimes.." etc. What rot.

The news on Friday is that the police have booked the trio for tresspassing and impersonation. Both of these are bailable offenses, and their parents are expected to bail them out soon. Both the girls were air hostesses of Air Sahara, and the airline has announced that the girls are being fired for indiscipline, and that they were already grounded because of various complaints against them.

Doesn't it all look like a juvenile act gone a bit wrong, or is there really a serious issue here? We, of course, like the rest of the media do not have all the facts with us. But allow me a few thoughts.

Three citizens of the country drive up to the PM's residence and ask to be let in so they can meet him. They are let in, and later, when it was found that they did not have an appointment, are turned back. What si the big deal here? The PM is not the king, and even if he were, I doubt that it would be a crime to desire to meet him, and ask to be let in. The SPG is there to check the antecedents of those who come to the PM's residence, and if the man at the gate could not do it and someone else at the second gate did, where is the crime here? Rahul Srivastava sounded hysterical - crime to beat all crimes, for goddsake. Of course, NDTv is as hungry as every other channel to get a big story, and I am sure they would have been thrilled if there was something more to the trio than stupidity. But there was not.

What grates on me is - anyone has a right to ask to be let in so they can meet the owner of a house, and if they are not let in, they haven't committed any crime.

Wait a minute. The police has booked them for impersonation and trespassing. They say that the girls said that they were the PM's nieces. If this is true, yes, there is a crime - though a minor one, and I hope the courts laugh at their temerity and let them go. However, I believe it is more likely a face saving measure, and the guard at the gate accused them of saying so so he, and maybe his superiors, could save their skin. Either way, in the courts, they are hardly going to admit to any such impersonation, and the case could get thrown out.

What I am most impressed by so far are the girls. You are thrown out of the PM's residence, and you blow kisses at TV camera crews and stick your tongue out at them? And when they were interviewed by NDTV, they were all big eyes and giddy expressions, but not scared. There are reports that they were drunk, or perhaps even doped, but I am thrilled to see the nonsense youngsters are capable of. After all, teens with true cynicism is a disaster for us all.

I have a suggestion for the PM. Please withdraw the cases against them, and do give them an audience. After all, a man of your age and stature should be a little thrilled that these giddy, dazed youth wanted to meet you, not Aamir Khan, or god forbid, Mika. Do meet them, give them sweets, and then give them a whack on their heads and tell them how the world works.

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