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Paris Hilton is no Mother Teresa

We always knew it. Now the party-hopper has denied that she is acting in the Mother Teresa movie by a Malayalam director.

April 10, 2006

Paris Hilton will not play the role of Mother Teresa in an upcoming Indian film on the renowned Albanian nun. And it is not because she has other assignments in some home video productions - Paris Hilton honestly thinks that she does not look like Mother Teresa.

Now, whoever said she has anything in common with Mother Teresa? The brainwave came from Rajeevnath, the ambitious Malayalam director who recently claimed that Paris Hilton and Mother Teresa look alike. How, we dont know. He claimed that the 25-year old hotel heiress who shot to prominence with leaked a sex tape has facial features close to Mother Teresa, according to a computer generated image. Too much of CGI movies, we say!

Sure, Paris loves Mother Teresa. We believe her because she said so last week, even while slamming reports that she was approached for acting in Mother Teresa. "I love Mother Teresa," said Paris Hilton. She has been recently known for her performance in "House of Wax."

Paris Hilton has a talent for attracting attention just the moment you think the interest is waning. Rcently, she was in the news for saying that she felt proud to have small breasts. "When I was 13, I really wanted a boob job because all my friends started to have boobs and I was the only one who looked like a boy," she said. But now she thinks that being flat-chested is hot. In her own words, quoted by Elle, it means she does not have to wear a bra. Paris Hilton said that she wanted to have a cosmetic surgery done in her teenage, but soon grew out of it. She denies that she ever actually went in for a cosmetic uplifting experience.

The fact all her "friends have done a boob job" is no reason for Paris to be tempted, Paris Hilton says that she still goes by her father's advice to her when she was young - that it would cheapen her image. "Fake boobs look deformed. All my friends that have them, they look deformed," said Paris Hilton. She says that she will never takes drugs or alcohol because she thinks it will spoil her looks.

Born to inherit the riches of the Hilton hotel, the American heiress has courted controversy too often for the media to ignore. Born in 1981 into the rch family, she has done a career in modelling, acting and anchoring television programs. Her studies were nothig to write home about - she dropped out of school and never went to university. She did modelling and even performed some minor roles in Zoolander (2001), The Cat in the Hat (2003) and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004).

Paris Hilton's moment of infamy came when a home-produced sex video with boyfriend Rck Salomon appeared on the Internet for free downloads. The DVD, which appeared later, titled One Night In Paris, featured the duo in sex, captured on a handy video camera. The video, released on June 9, 2004, was narrated by Salomon, who sought to make a fortune out of it. Even now, after the Pamela Anderson sex video scandal, the Paris Hilton sex videotape scam ranks as one of the most sought-after celebrity sex videos on the Internet. Hilton sued Salomon, and finally a settlement was reached between the two. Instead of preventing Salomon from releasing the sex video or punishing him for the damage done, Paris Hilton received $400,000 and a share of the profits fr her sex video. However, she donated the money to charity. (We are sure Mother Teresa would approve!).

The party-hopping Paris Hilton is always seen with her chihuahua. Not that it has brought her any major fame. She has been voted as the worst dog owner by the "New York Dog" and the "Hollywood Dog".

Paris Hilton is no stranger to controversies. She was once accused of calling two African-Americans as dumb niggers (she denied it), sued for planting stories in New York Times against a club rival (the suit was dropped) and for her on-again, off-again romantic link-ups. She claims to be a "role model" of the order of Donald Trump, and pegs her social conduct that way. A book on her, "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose" even became a best-seller, despite being roasted for amateurish writing. Now, by denying that she has anything to do with the Mother Teresa movie, Paris Hilton has reclaimed her stature as the bohemian party-goer.


The Simple Life: Till Death Do Us Part (2006)
Pledge This! (2006) as Victoria English (yet to be released)
Bottom's Up (2006) as Lisa Mancini (yet to be released)
Meat Pie (2005) as Sally
House of Wax (2005) as Paige Edwards
The Simple Life: Interns (2005)
The Hillz (2004) as Heather Smith
Raising Helen (2004) as Amber
The Simple Life 2: Road Trip (2004)
1 Night in Paris (2004)
Wonderland (2003) as Barbie
L.A. Knights (2003) as Sadie
Pauly Shore Is Dead (2003)
The Simple Life (2003)
QIK2JDG (2002) as a Strung-out Supermodel
Nine Lives (2002) as Jo
Zoolander (2001)
Sweetie Pie (2000)


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