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What Pamela Anderson wants in a man

Pamela tells her audience what qualities she looks for in a man.

January 6, 2007

For a change, super-sexy actress Pamela Anderson is getting very down-to-earth. She has laid out on what she is looking for in a man.“I need a man with interests outside of himself,” Pamela wrote on “Someone with similar beliefs — that would be sexy.”

Let us warn you here first - we all know about the super successful, hi-fidelity married life and true love of Ms Anderson. Unless getting married on a whim immediately after creating a pleasure mansion to entertain her male friends is your idea of the ideal life, we suggest you listen to this very cautiously.

Pamela did not forget to make a possible dig at her soon-to-be-divorced husband Kid Rock. “A rock star scorned ... it’s been a hard month — completely childish threats.”

That comment may refer to a report in the New York Post that Kid Rock tried to kick down the door of what he thought was rocker Tommy Lee’s room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

“Tommy has been calling Kid Rock and taunting him about Pam, and Kid Rock was ready to kick some serious ass,” a source told the newspaper.The room turned out to belong to a family, shell-shocked, whose members Rock placated with an autograph.

A spokesperson for Lee, who was in Las Vegas at the time, said his client was aware the incident happened. However, the spokesperson was silent on requests for comment.

A ‘disappointed’ Pamela said that she has been spending time with actor Chuck Zito, her friend of 15 years. “He’s great security,” she said. “He’s like family.” Well, Zito is not just great security emotionally.
Chuck Zito, the former boxer of Golden Gloves, member of the Hells Angels and ex-con, has worked as a bodyguard for numerous celebrities, including Pamela Anderson. He is also known for his role as the inmate Chucky Pancamo on the HBO series ‘Oz.’

As for Pamela, she is being positive and says “I’m very happy.” “I’m excited about moving on – 2007 looks good.”


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