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Violence escalates in horror-hit Noida

Protests against serial killings in Noida turn violent. 

January 4, 2007

The violence in Noida is escalating with each passing day. The protests by the angry residents have taken and ugly turn and have turned violent in connection with the serial killings.

According to latest reports, clash was witnessed between the protestors and the Noida police – angry residents of Nithari village pelted stones at the police and at Moninder Singh’s residence. The residents of the village are angry at the way the police have handled the case of serial killings. They feel that the police are not investigating properly. 

According to the latest police estimates, the number of skeletons could go up to 30. Skeletons of women have also been excavated. In addition, the suspicion of illegal trading of organs is also on the rise. 

Meanwhile, the BJP has demanded President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh. 

The police has detained a 42-year-old woman called Maya, who used to work in businessman Moninder Singh Pandher's house as a maid and was allegedly instrumental in bringing women there.

The two main accused, Moninder Singh Pandher and Surendra Kohli, were produced in a Noida court on January 1. Their police remand has been extended till January 10. Both the accused will have to undergo a narco-analysis test, which is to be held in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. 

Meanwhile, more skeletal remains of children and adult women could be unearthed on Tuesday, who were allegedly murdered and sexually assaulted by Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surendra alias Satish. 

The residents of Noida continue to reel under the horror of the gruesome murders of children. 

On Sunday, five more skeletons were unearthed from the drain outside Mohinder's house giving rise to fears that the number of skeletons could now cross over 30. It also came to light that all the skeletons recovered are not of children but some were the remains of women. 

A large crowd had given vent to their ire at the house of the prime accused Moninder Singh, owner of a factory, breaking into the compound of the two-storey bungalow and pelting stones. 

They wanted to raze the building to the ground, but they were dispersed by the police. 

A crowd also attacked the Noida Medical Centre nearby, which was in the eye of a storm over allegations of an illegal kidney trade racket. The owner of the centre is the neighbour of Moninder Singh. 

Residents in Noida have always suspected that the abducted children might have been victims of illegal organ trade. 

With the case unravelling with dramatic twists and turns and the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh round the corner, it was only a matter of time that politicians came calling. The Opposition BSP, BJP and Congress targeted the Mulayam Singh-led Samajwadi Party Government in the state over the incident. 

BSP chief and former state chief minister Mayawati visited the site of recovery of the skeletal remains of children and sought resignation of the Mulayam Singh Yadav Government and also a CBI probe into the case. Similar demands were made by the Congress. 

Mayawati's visit took place a day after UP Congress Chief Salman Khurshid came to the scene of the crime and blamed the Samajwadi Party Government for deterioration of the law and order situation in the state. He also demanded a CBI probe into the whole matter. 

Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav is contemplating a face-saving CBI inquiry and he quickly ordered Rs 2 lakh compensation to the families of the victims. However, the public outrage continues to build up as new revelations are made each passing day.


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