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Noida killings: Postmortem reports points to organs racket

Some police officials admit the possibility of organ trading and some deny it, after the post mortem report.

January 7, 2007

Refuting the Uttar Pradesh police’s version, the report of postmortem conducted on the skeletons recovered from Moninder Singh’s house in Nithari village, Noida, has revealed that some of the organs were missing from the bodies.

The shocking revelation has once again raised possibilities of a human organ smuggling racket behind the bizarre killings.

The postmortem report also stated that a qualified person might have taken out the organs from the bodies, clearly disproving the claims that the servant had done it all by himself.

Meanwhile, a three-member inquiry panel set up by the Central Government visited Nithari village in Noida on Thursday to investigate the gruesome case of sexual abuse and killings of children.Manjula Krishnan, Joint Secretary in the Women and Child Welfare Ministry heads the team.

The other members are Balwinder Kumar, Joint Secretary in the Uttar Pradesh Women and Child Welfare Department, and B N Gaur, Joint Secretary for Police in the Home Ministry.

Businessman Moninder Singh Bhander and his domestic help Surendra Kohli, alias Satish, had been arrested on Friday on charges of molesting and murdering the children.

The committee would also assess the level of cooperation and help given by the local administration, especially the police, the affected parents and families. It would also go into the mode of operation and the motive of the accused persons.

The committee, which has been asked to submit its findings within a fortnight, would also give its recommendations to prevent such incidents in future.

Meanwhile, Shiv Pal Yadav, Uttar Pradesh Minister for Public Works and brother of Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, on Thursday indicated police negligence regarding the serial murders case. This was the first visit by a State Government Minister to the area since the skeletal remains of at least 17 children were unearthed.

However, Shiv Pal Yadav’s observation before TV channels in Noida on Thursday morning attracted severe criticism from all quarters. Yadav had commented: “Such incidents keep happening and have happened in the past also. However, what deserves to be appreciated is that our policemen have worked out the case so fast.”

It is reported that the two suspected killers had been arrested and then let off by the police sometime in early 2006. This was after the residents of Nithari village told police of their suspicious behaviour.

The UP Government has suspended two SPs and sacked six policemen for dereliction of duty.

In August, the suspected killers were listed in an FIR registered on the orders of a local court after their last known victim, Payal, disappeared. But since then police did nothing in the case, reports say.

Meanwhile, Noida police on Thursday formed a special investigation team (SIT) headed byR K S Rathore, SSP, to oversee the probe into the bizarre grisly affair.Noida police has been under severe attack for its negligence and callousness in handling the cases of missing children in the area over the last two years.

A day after parents who lost their children expressed dissatisfaction over the Rs 2 lakh compensation given to them, the Uttar Pradesh Government on Thursday decided to give them an additional Rs 3 lakh.


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