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Mumbai cop rapes girl on Marine Drive

The government wants to keep couples from any demonstrations of affection on Marine Drive, Mumbai. The preferred tool - Mumbai police. One such keeper of morality rapes a girl right there, in the police chowki.


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Update 22 April, 2005: The medical report has come in, and it confirms that the girl was indeed raped by the Mumbai police constable.

21 April, 2005: At sunset, while evening walkers hurried about the South Mumbai's Marine Drive promenade, a drunk constable took a girl to a police chowki situated right there and raped her.

Krishna Kujmar Tiwari who was one of the walkers heard the screams of the girl coming from inside the wooden structure, and with the help of other passersby, rescued her. The half naked and drunk cop inside - Sunil Atmaram More - came out and challenged them saying that he was with the Mumbai police, and nobody could do anything to him.

It seems that the guardian of the law - we don't know if Sunil Atmaram More was on duty when he raped the girl - approached the girl who was with three of her male friends, and asked them why they were loitering around there. Then he called the girl into the chowki for questioning, asked her friends to wait outside, and locked the door.

When the passersby opened the door, they found a half naked more inside, and the girl told them that he had raped her. The police arrived soon after, and took the girl and the cop away. An angry crowd that had gathered tore apart the police chowki on Marine Drive.

Constable Sunil Atmaram More has been charged with Sections 376 and 342 of the Indian Penal Code for rape and wrongful confinement.

The girl seemed to be in a state of shock, and we are not sure if the Mumbai cop raped her in the 'legal' sense of the term. We shall keep you updated on the developments.

Here is more from the media:

Indian Express

‘‘It was around 5.50 pm. I was walking towards the Marine Lines railway station when I heard the screams,’’ said Shiv Kumar Tiwari, a pandit. By then, a large crowd had gathered outside the police station. According to eye-witnesses, after a few minutes, a drunk More, stepped out and began hurling abuses.

‘‘Nobody can harm me, I’m with the Mumbai Police’ More said in Marathi,’’ said Qayyum Shaikh, a Congress activist who was on his way to the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee office in Nariman Point when he heard the girl’s screams. He informed the Marine Drive police and the media. 

‘‘It’s a shameful incident,’’ said Joint Commissioner of Police Ahmad Javed who reached the police station with DC Naval Bajaj and Commissioner A.N. Roy.

The Telegraph:

Commissioner A N Roy said: “Our first priority is to ensure that legal procedures are correctly followed to ensure the case results in a conviction.”


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