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Four pronounced guilty in Mumbai blasts case

Tiger Memon's adopted sister among those pronounced guilty by Mumbai court.

November 13, 2006

Prime accused and absconder Tiger Memon’s adopted sister and three others were on Wednesday held guilty by a Mumbai court for their roles in the serial bomb blasts that took 257 lives in Mumbai city in 1993.

The four convicted are Ahmed Shah Mubarak Shah alias Salim Khan Durrani, Aziz Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Sheikh, Mohammed Rafiq Musa Biyariwala and Mubina Paya Bhiwandiwalla, Tiger's adopted sister.

According to reports, while Durrani and Sheikh were held guilty of possessing arms, Biyariwala and Mubina were convicted by Judge P D Kode for aiding and abetting a terrorist act under the TADA Act.

The conviction of Durrani, who interstingly is a scion of the royal family of the erstwhile princely state of Tonk in Rajasthan, came after he was found guilty of possessing an AK-56 rifle and two empty magazines that were found in the premises of his factory in Andheri, a Mumbai suburb. According to the judge, the evidence of the recovery of the arms from Durrani has been accepted though it was not established from where he had procured the weapons.

However, Durrani was acquitted of charges of attending a conspiracy meeting in Dubai and harbouring other accused on the instructions of Tiger Memon. He was also pronounced free of charges of aiding and abetting terrorist acts and of charges under section 6 of TADA.

Wednesday’s convictions have taken the total number of people found guilty in the case has risen to as many as 75. Meanwhile, the court found Sheikh guilty of possessing a US-made carbine, three magazines and 28 bullets under Section 5 of TADA. The court, however, acquitted Sheikh of charges of conspiracy and under Section 6 of TADA, saying there was no evidence against him in this regard.

Judge Kode also found Biyariwala, the driver of the prime accused guilty of abetting terrorist acts by going to Sahar airport with co-accused Asgar Mukadam to see off some accused who went to Pakistan via Dubai for arms training. Meanwhile, Memon’s adopted sister Mubina was held guilty of aiding and abetting terrorist acts under Section 3(3) of the TADA Act for organising a conspiracy meeting at her house in suburban Bandra. According to evidences, this meeting saw Tiger Memon and other the accused conspiring on the blast series in Mumbai on March 12, 1993.

Quite significantly, the court is yet to pronounce its verdict Bollywood star-actor Sanjay Dutt and other 26 accused in the case.


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