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Mohammed Dossa henchmen convicted in ’93 blasts case

TADA court convicts five men for complicity.

November 9, 2006

Five men, alleged to be hench men of absconding accused Mohammed Dossa, were convicted for complicity in the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai. The TADA court hearing the trial also acquitted another person, giving him the benefit of doubt.

Mohammed Dossa is believed to have smuggled arms and RDX at the instance of prime conspirator Dawood Ibrahim. The five men who were convicted are Zameer Ibrahim Kadri, Faki Ali Faki Ahmed, Janardan Gambas, Abdullah Ibrahim Surti and Syed Ibrahim Kadri. All five now face prison terms ranging from five years to life.

Meanwhile, Syed Ismail Kadri, the father of Zameer was given the benefit of doubt and acquitted by Judge P D Kode of the TADA court.

The TADA court found Zameer Kadri, Faki Ali, Janardan Gambas, and Abdullah Surti guilty of possessing and concealing AK-56 rifles, 36 magazines and 19,500 bullets in the mango grove of accused Abdul Razzak Subedar. The arms are believed to be part of a consignment smuggled into the country for use in the bomb blasts that killed 257 people.

The men were also held guilty of disposing 19,000 bullets and magazines in Kandargaon village in Raigad district. Except for Zameer, the others were acquitted of the charge of conspiracy.

Thursday’s convictions have pushed up the number of people found guilty in the case to 66. At the same time, as many as 20 others have been acquitted. The nation meanwhile is awaiting with bated breath to know the fate of Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt and 36 others for their alleged involvement in the incident.



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