Miss World 2007 winner may be Miss China say bookies

30 November, 2007

Miss China World Zhang Li Lin

Miss World 2007 is expected to complete the Asian dream run with Miss China 2007 expected to be the Miss World 2007 winner. Earlier in the May 2007, Miss Japan Riyo Mori had won the Miss Universe 2007 contest stunning bookmakers.

Miss Malaysia World Deborah Priya Henry

Now, gambling conglomerates like Ladbroke are betting on Miss China Zhang Zi Lin to win the Miss World 2007 contest. Miss China Zhang Zi Lin won the Top Model competition and was second in the Beach Beauty contest.

The second favorite is Miss Malaysia Deborah Priya Henry.

Miss Dominicana Republic Ada De La Cruz is another hot favorite. Cruz won the Miss World Beach Beauty contest. The other contestants in the top 10 expected winners are Miss Jamaica, Miss India, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss United States, Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela, and Miss Austria.

Miss China 2007 Zhang Zi Lin, 22, who is contesting on home ground - as the Miss World 2007 contest will be held in Sanya, China - works as a company secretary and has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Science & Technology.

Miss Malaysia Deborah Priya Henry, 22, is a model of Indian-Irish origin with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

Miss India World Sarah Jane Dias

Miss India Sarah Jane Dias, 24, is a former VJ and a media professional.

Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, 22, has a Bachelor's degree in Dance and has taught Dance for three years in Jamaica.

Miss Puerto Rico Jennifer Guevara Campos, 20, is a sportswoman interested in educational pyschology. She has taught deaf children in the Hato region.

Miss Mexico Carolina Moran Gordillo, 19, plans to study International Relations.

Miss Venezuela Claudia Paola Surez Fernandez, 20, is a model. She plans to study Mass Media and build a career in image consultancy.

Miss World Venezuela Claudia Paola Surez Fernandez

Miss Austria Christine Reiler, 25, is a medical student who plans to work in developing countries.

Miss United States Abigal McCary, 25, is a student who plans to study Pyschology and become a school counselor.

The Miss World 2007 final will be held in the Beauty Crown Theatre in Sanya, China on December 1, 2007. Judges include Maki Mandela, daughter of Nelson Mandela.




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