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Miss Trinidad and Tobago loses crown in court



March 22, 2005

Cheryl Ankrah, who was crowned and dethroned as Miss Trinidad and Tobago within a span of few months, has finally lost the battle for her crown. She won't be representing Trinidad and Tobago at Miss Universe 2005 to be held at Bangkok, Thailand on May 30, 2005.

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Peter Elias and Associates, which had selected her as Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago last year later fell out with her, since she was found to be not complying with her duties as Miss T&T. They accused her of being overweight and not sticking to training schedules. Finally, Elias served notice on dethroning her to choose a new Miss Trinidad and Tobago, whereupon she moved court seeking an injunction. A temporary injunction was granted by the court last month against Elias conducting another beauty pageant to select a new candidate. This injunction was vacated by the court yesterday.

Now, Peter Elias and Associates is free to hold another pageant to select the new candidate from Trinidad and Tobago for Miss Universe 2005.

Before she left with her attorney Cheryl Ankrah said she would issue a statement eventually, the Trinidad Express reported.

In her affidavit, Ankrah had called Peter Elias a tin god who nagged her about her pageant preparations, but never bothered to fix schedules or concentrate specifically on her, the Trinidad Express added.


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